I mentor testers. Often they ask me about references and resources. These are the references I cite most often:

Context Driven Testing

If you are a seasoned tester and don’t know what the context-driven school of testing is, stop everything you are doing and check the links below. They will change the way you think about and perform testing.

Exploratory Testing

A testing technique every tester should know and practice in context:

Test Reporting

Michael Bolton’s Test Report Series is a great read, providing alternatives to standard quantitative test reports:


Cem Kaner defines heuristics as a fallible way to solve a problem or make a decision. Below are a few examples of widely used  testing heuristics:

A good post to understand the Essence of Heuristics by James Bach.

Lynn McKee had a summary of other testing heuristics here.

Test Magazines

Free Skype Coaching for Testers

Interviewing Testers

If you are being interviewed by me, come prepared:

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