Software Testing’s Low Barrier to Entry

Alan Page posed this question on Twitter a few days back: As a recruiting manager, I spend a lot of time thinking about what makes a good tester. As a test practitioner, I spend a lot of time working on my craft. Low barrier to entry What I have observed is that rather than [...]

Challenges of a Sapient Tester in a Factory Environment

I attended the Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing (#KWST3) two weekends ago. This is my second KWST3 post, and there are more to come! My KWST3 Experience Report (ER) was about my journey from being a factory tester to becoming a sapient tester. There is another blog post coming out soon which will detail this journey, however [...]

3 Practical Takeaways from Playing the Dice Game

Last weekend (5-6/07/13) I attended KSWT3, the third Kiwi Workshop in Software Testing. It was an amazing experience to have 19 talented and passionate testers CONFerring together. There were so many take aways from those two action packed days, I have material to write a few blogs (and I will). Somehow the Dice Game takeaways were at [...]