Hi! I’m Alessandra Moreira, software tester, agile enabler, speaker, lifelong learner, amateur photographer, travel addict, Brazilian/Australian living in Chicago, scuba enthusiast and tech sociologist.

I only write when I have something I think is worth sharing, I’m striving to have a useful blog more than being a prolific blog writer. In this blog, I write mostly about software quality, testing, agile practices other tech related stuff.

I am involved in the software testing community and volunteer time to causes I believe have the potential to improve the industry in a global, community or individual level. I am also passionate about diversity in tech and mentor women through the SpeakEasy program and am the co-creator of the Women in Testing Slack community. Check out my mentoring page for more details.

Delivering quality software involves people, processes, and code. I help organizations:

  • Deliver software that meets business needs and delivers business value
  • Improve Agile processes to focus on quality
  • Build high performing and successful Quality Engineering teams
  • Integrate testers and testing processes into the whole engineering practice

I believe exceptional software is created by teams of great professionals, who are truly passionate about what they do. I am passionate about delivering quality software and help other professionals find their own passion.

Don’t be shy, get in touch: TwitterEmailLinkedIn.

If you want to know more about what I’m up to right now, check my /now page.

Note: This blog and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own and not those of my employer or any organizations I am associated with. 

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