About Alessandra Moreira


I am a professional Software Tester and newbie blogger, navigating the long road towards mastering the craft of software testing. This blog is my playground, a place where I write down my thoughts, opinions and anything I find worth keeping and sharing with other like minded testers out there.

I approach testing as a set of skills that can (and should) be improved upon constantly and deliberately. I am highly involved in the testing community and devote time to causes I believe have the potential to improve the industry in a global, community or individual level. I am one of the directors of the Association for Software Testing, a brown belt in the Miagi-Do School of Testing, the coordinator and facilitator for Weekend Testing Australia and New Zealand, speak at various test conferences and write for test magazines.

I love to talk about all things testing, so below are a few ways we can connect:

Note: This blog and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own, and not those of my employer. 




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